Package 'rMouse' - CRAN

June 22, 2017. Title Automate Mouse Clicks and Send Keyboard Input. Version 0.1. Description Provides wrapper functions to the Java Robot class to automate ...

Package 'rMouse' - CRAN - الوثائق ذات الصلة

Package 'rMouse' - CRAN

June 22, 2017. Title Automate Mouse Clicks and Send Keyboard Input. Version 0.1. Description Provides wrapper functions to the Java Robot class to automate ...

Package 'mcr' - CRAN

Calculate resampling BCa confidence intervals for intercept, slope or bias given a vector of boot- strap and jackknife point estimates. Usage mc.calc.bca(Xboot, ...

Package 'dmm' - CRAN

16 Jul 2018 ... Sex Sex code for each individual. Fixed factors ... the dataframe df is a character vector coerced to a factor, then sexcode should be a charcter ...

Package 'gld' - CRAN

8 Jan 2020 ... and levect defaults to: -0.5 0.25 0 0.25 0.5 inverse.eps. Accuracy of calculation for the numerical determination of F(x), defaults to.

Package 'see' - CRAN

Can be used to get the hex code of specific colors from the Flat UI color palette. Use flat_colors() to see all available color. Usage flat_colors(...) Arguments.

Package 'AER' - CRAN

6 Feb 2020 ... price weekly index of price of shipping a ton of grain by rail. ... region*smsa I(experience^2) I(education^2) I(education*experience) ... A frequent criticism of this system is that the tracking takes place too early, and that it ...

Package 'enc' - CRAN

19 Dec 2019 ... Also contains routines to portably read and write 'UTF-8' encoded text files, ... to_alien converts to the "other" encoding, i.e., UTF-8 on Windows ...

Package 'pks' - CRAN

25 May 2019 ... P.Kshow logical, should the estimated distribution of knowledge states be ... Of the 1127 participants eligible in the online study, 649 were.

Package 'rpf' - CRAN

21 Feb 2020 ... vector of parameters (defaults to all). Value a list containing the type, upper bound, and lower bound. Examples rpf.paramInfo(rpf.drm()) rpf.prob.

Package 'vkR' - CRAN

2 Dec 2016 ... utilizes a mobile application or site mobile version, it returns ... We recommend you to use it prior to call of se- cure. ... 6 - Humor and love for life.

Package 'GSA' - CRAN

31 Jan 2019 ... Maximum number of genes in genesets to be considered restand ... Gene set collection, created for example by genenames.

Package 'BMS' - CRAN

24 Nov 2015 ... A bma object stores several 'best' models it encounters (cf. argument nmodel in bms). as.zlm extracts a single model and converts it to an object ...

Package 'ez' - CRAN

Package 'ez'. November 2, 2016. Version 4.4-0. Date 2016-11-01. Title Easy Analysis and Visualization of Factorial Experiments. Author Michael A. Lawrence ...

Package 'cdb' - CRAN

20 Apr 2013 ... Description A constant database is a data structure created by Daniel. J. Bernstein in his cdb package. Its format consists on a sequence of (key, ...

Package 'PVR' - CRAN

30 May 2018 ... Package 'PVR'. May 31, 2018. Type Package. Title Phylogenetic Eigenvectors Regression and Phylogentic. Signal-Representation Curve.

Package 'AUC' - CRAN

30 Sep 2013 ... Package 'AUC'. February 19, 2015. Type Package. Title Threshold independent performance measures for probabilistic classifiers. Version 0.3.

Package 'wBoot' - CRAN

26 Jan 2016 ... regcor" containing the following components: Boot.values the point estimates (fits) obtained from the bootstrap. Confidence.limits the upper and ...

Package 'tubern' - CRAN

14 Apr 2017 ... Title R Client for the YouTube Analytics and Reporting API ... ContentDetails = list(itemType="youtube#channel"), snippet = list(title ="hello"))) ...

Package 'popbio' - CRAN

1 Feb 2020 ... betaval. Generate beta-distributed random numbers. Description. Calculates a random number from a beta distribution and uses the R function ...

Package 'mefa4' - CRAN

28 Feb 2020 ... Version 0.3-7 ... Accessor and replacement functions: xtab, samp, taxa. Methods: ... samp <- data.frame(samples=levels(x$sample), var1=1:2,.

Package 'generator' - CRAN

26 Aug 2015 ... Title Generate Data Containing Fake Personally Identifiable. Information ... A character vector of n fake randomly generated e-mail addresses.

Package 'textreadr' - CRAN

28 Sep 2018 ... BugReports ... logical. If TRUE and if the file being read in is .docx with broken space between a single turn of talk ... c(,.

Package 'timeROC' - CRAN

18 Dec 2019 ... ... <[email protected]>. Description Estimation of time-dependent ROC curve and area under time depen- dent ROC curve (AUC) in the ...

Package 'aucm' - CRAN

2 Dec 2019 ... December 2, 2019. LazyLoad yes. LazyData yes. Version 2019.12-1. Title AUC Maximization. Maintainer Youyi Fong <[email protected]>.

Package 'JADE' - CRAN

19 Aug 2019 ... W3 <- djd(X.matrix, G="l") round(U %*% W3, 4) # should be a signed permutation. # matrix if W3 is correct. FG. Joint Diagonalization of Real ...

Package 'qrcode' - CRAN

23 Aug 2015 ... dataString input data string. qrInfo dataframe that store all the required info to generate qrcode. ECgenerator. Error correction code generator ...

Package 'emojifont' - CRAN

12 Dec 2019 ... Title Emoji and Font Awesome in Graphics ... fontawesome(fa-twitter) ... load.emojifont(font = "EmojiOne.ttf"). Arguments font one of output from ...

Package 'animation' - CRAN

11 Dec 2018 ... We can use saveHTML to create animations directly in Rweb; this can be helpful when we do not have R or cannot install R. GIF Animations. If ...

Package 'happybiRthday' - CRAN

20 Aug 2017 ... oper (any Github username) a happy birthday of their repo(s). ... respective name, age, creation date of initial commit (i.e., repository birthday ...

Package 'MOTE' - CRAN

10 Apr 2019 ... Description Measure of the Effect ('MOTE') is an effect size calculator, including a wide variety of effect sizes in the mean differences family (all ...

Package 'cubing' - CRAN

23 Apr 2018 ... The patterns and names are derived from the website. string. A character string representing the color on each cube sticker. The string ...

Package 'nricens' - CRAN

Title NRI for Risk Prediction Models with Time to Event and Binary. Response ... Calculation of the risk category NRI at 2000 days ... Vector of follow up times.

Package 'googleLanguageR' - CRAN

21 Jun 2018 ... ... Call 'Google Cloud' machine learning APIs for text and speech tasks. Call the 'Cloud Translation' API <> ...

Package 'HGNChelper' - CRAN

24 Oct 2019 ... which have been converted to date format by Excel, withdrawn, or aliased. ... Vector of gene symbols to check for mogrified or outdated values.

Package 'datetimeutils' - CRAN

21 Mar 2019 ... converting timestamp representations of other software. (such as 'MATLAB' and 'Excel') to R. The package is lightweight (no dependencies ...

Package 'Publish' - CRAN

Klaus K Holst [ctb],. Brice Ozenne [aut]. Repository CRAN. Date/Publication 2019-12-04 22:30:10 UTC. R topics documented: Publish-package .