Spasm of the near reflex associated with cerebrovascular accident

Spasm of the near reflex most often has a functional basis, but may be associated with organic disease. This case report describes a patient with a progressive ...

Spasm of the near reflex associated with cerebrovascular accident - الوثائق ذات الصلة

Spasm of the near reflex associated with cerebrovascular accident

Spasm of the near reflex most often has a functional basis, but may be associated with organic disease. This case report describes a patient with a progressive ...

Misdiagnosis of spasm of the near reflex - Neurology

Five patients with hysterical spasm of the near reflex erroneously diagnosed as a bilateral sixth nerve palsy are reported. The pupillary sign, intense miosis on ...

Spasm of the Near Reflex Associated with Organic Disease

SPASM of the near reflex, defined as intermit tent episodes of convergence, accommodation, and miosis, is generally considered functional in origin.18 Patients ...

Spasm of the Near Reflex - Semantic Scholar

Spasm of the near reflex, as first described by Cogan in. 1955, is a triad of intermittent convergent strabismus, ac- commodative spasm, and pupillary miosis.

Spasm of the Near Reflex - JAMA Network

SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS. Spasm of the near reflex was manifested in the present patients by the intermittent occurrence of convergence, accommodative spasm ...

A Rare Cause of Diplopia: Functional Near Reflex Spasm - DergiPark

Spasm of the near reflex involves intermittent episodes of miosis, accommodation and convergence and may mimic bilateral, and occasionally, unilateral ...

22. Cerebrovascular Impedance and Critical Closing Pressure.

[mm Hg]. Only small vessels flow, or larger vessels are useful as well? [cm/s] ... along the y- axis. [D]. Zero value of FV corresponds to a min value of ABP: CCP ...

A High-Risk Period for Cerebrovascular Events Exists After ... - CORE

Edgar L. W. Tay, MD, Ronen Gurvitch, MD, Namal Wijesinghe, MD, ... episode of neurological dysfunction (lasting 24 h) result- ing from focal ... 28 (16–40).

air accident investigation sector air accident investigation report

25 Jul 2013 ... Uncontained Cargo Fire Leading to Loss of Control. Inflight and Uncontrolled Descent Into Terrain. Boeing 747-44AF. N571UP. Dubai.

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'Diya' is a family home in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, for a young couple, their par- ents and their ... Several foundations were carefully ... Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Modified Ashworth scale and spasm frequency score in ... - Nature

9 Feb 2016 ... Study design: Intra- and inter-rater reliability study. Objectives: To assess intra- and inter-rater reliability of the Modified Ashworth Scale (MAS) ...


crew on deck in heavy weather. Consequently ... Sweden, towards Alexandria, Egypt. She was ... washed overboard, MSN 1731 (M F) requires a lifebuoy and ...

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ﻲﺠﻳرﺪﺘﻟا ثﻮﻠﺘﻟا ﻞﺜﻣ ـ ﺔﻨﺧدﻷا ﻒﺷﺎﻜﻟ ﻲﻔﻴﻇﻮﻟا ﺺﺤﻔﻟا ءاﺮﺟإ ﻢﺘﻳ. ) ﺔﺑﺮﺗﻷا تﺎﺒﺳﺮﺗ. (. ـ. ٍناﻮﺛ ﻊﺑرأ ﻦﻋ ﺪﻳﺰﻳ ... ﺔﻋﺎﺴﻟا برﺎﻘﻋ ﻩﺎﺠﺗا ﻲﻓ ﻪﺗرادﺈﺑ ﻪﻧﺎﻜﻣ . UYARI: ... ةﻼﻘﻤﻟاو ﺔﻴﺋﺎﺑﺮﻬﻜﻟا ﺰﺒﺨﻟا ﺔﺼﻤﺤﻣو ةاﻮﻜﻤﻟا ةﺰﻬﺟأ ﻞﺜﻣ ةﺪﺋاز.


PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE. GENERAL PROVISIONS. 1. The Insured or the Policyholder is requested to read this Policy carefully and to advise the ...

Rail Accident Report

4 Aug 2015 ... Permaquip, relating to the design and maintenance of the ironman braking ... 3 At about 21:45 hrs on Saturday 1 November 2014 a pair of rail ... 9 Torrent Trackside is part of Vp plc and maintains items of plant on behalf of.

Leukocoria and the red reflex test

study underlines the importance of the red reflex test in newborns and presents the main causes of leukocoria (cataract, retinoblastoma, and retinal and vitreous ...

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tion units. Therefore according to calculations the required expansion tank size is ... Compact Compressor-controlled pressurisation unit for heating and chilled ...

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considerations, elicitation, and interpretation of the plantar reflex. The physiological basis of the Babinski's sign, i.e., an abnormal extensor Plantar response, its ...

The Accommodation Reflex and its Stimulus

COMMUNICATIONS. THE ACCOMMODATION REFLEX AND. ITS STIMULUS*. BY. E. F. FINCHAM. Ophthalmic OpticsDepartment, Institute of Ophthalmology, ...

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The insured means person(s) insured under this contract.(「被保険者」とは、保険の対象となる方をいいます。) Please enter your full age on the date of ...

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Fax 645-1157. Emergency Off Base (to MP) 893-7911. Emergency Off Base (to JNP/Fire) 119. Emergency On Base. 911. GUS MARINE. HIRAGANA SYMBOLS ...

Accident at TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi NPS and Thereafter

of the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO)'s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear ... Indonesia, Polynesia, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Congo, Morocco, Brazil, EU*, EFTA.

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11 Jul 2018 ... Met./ocean buoys. - Met.ocean data collected and forwarded to control centre. Fishing Vessels. - AIS device for tracking / warnings and distress ...

Accident Causes and Prevention - OSHC-DOLE

Primary Causes of. Accidents. ▫Unsafe Act. ▫Unsafe Condition ... Working in an unsafe posture. ▫ Absent-mindedness / Nervousness. ▫ Willful intent to injure.

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This document is designed to help you through a minor accident. In the case of a serious incident or if anyone needs medical attention, call 999 immediately.

sense mechanism as indicated by the accommodation reflex

whether the abnormality of colour sensitivity is retinal in origin. The accommodation reflex is particularly suitable for this study because its reaction can be watched ...

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Motor Nerve Reflex Testing

This test is used to see if the patient is headed for sympathetic reflex dystrophy. ... This observation that when reflex dystrophy patients ... TMJ/Parachute Test.

The pupillary light reflex pathway

4.s If the light reaction of the pupil was strictly a brainstem reflex, damage to the postgeniculate visual pathway should not influence the pupil-.

Nature and Significance of the CUSHING Reflex

NAUNYN and SCHREIBER in 1881 first described the arterial pressure response. (APR) during intracranial hypertension subsequently called CUSHING (1902).

Corneal light reflex test

It can occur in one or both eyes and in any direction. 3. The Corneal Light Reflex test (otherwise known as the Hirschberg Test) is used to detect strabismus.

Associations between red reflex abnormality, consanguinity and ...

The red reflex test was first described by Bruckner in 1962 and has proven to be effective for detecting vision- and life-threatening ocular conditions of children ...

Micturition and the Sacral Reflex Arc: Lessons from ...

aspects of neurocontrol mechanisms involved in micturition. Key words: electromyography, bulbocaveruosus reflex, electrical stimulation, lower urinary tract.

Red reflex examination for retinoblastoma - The Lancet

1 Sep 2012 ... Red reflex examination for retinoblastoma. We were surprised to see that, in their Seminar on retinoblastoma. (April 14, p 1436),1 Helen ...