SOOO Art Union - Papers Past

liape Hd., Friday.-—Finder Ring. 1735,. Hen- derson. eAT Bearer, Gold Ornament, hollow shape, . Mangere, Cates Taxis or Onehunga, June. 20; .ft reward.—3o.

SOOO Art Union - Papers Past - الوثائق ذات الصلة

SOOO Art Union - Papers Past

liape Hd., Friday.-—Finder Ring. 1735,. Hen- derson. eAT Bearer, Gold Ornament, hollow shape, . Mangere, Cates Taxis or Onehunga, June. 20; .ft reward.—3o.

SYLLABUS Cambridge IGCSE - MPPE--Mock papers , Past papers ...

*This syllabus is accredited for use in England, Wales and Northern Ireland as a ... Cambridge IGCSE Biology is accepted by universities and employers as ...

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that enrolling was normal. Seeing thai ... FUNERAL NOTICES—Six line* 2s 6d; every additional six lines or ... ing hi-tho-management of a lottery. ~. OBITUARY.

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BLUFF, nOBART"and MELBOURNE— l[°J>n*_. This_Day, Fri. 2.45. 0a.m ... mery, arid worse than mummery, is ended, and something liko a freshbreeze.

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Kaianoi and surrounding distr'.cls thai. II l> ... every additional six line* or fraction,. 2a €d. DOUBLE RATES will ... 123. J3owHug Analysis—J. H. Bennett, lij overs. H maidens, 37 runs,. 1 wicket: J. Gray ... phire silenced a Lottery of fU'M-C«»«s.

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(iirib,aHli'3 widow umiounpes tlvoif?li tlio mocjil?m of tjjo "^talitv" tjiafc aho will ... gentleman'! qpwarqß of fetjr ecorp and bi^ wo woro given to imderahnil.and ...

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Accused asEeJ for bail, but was refosedf.'' :,-'' I'fi^ltM. The accused asked for timeda which. to proeare farther.evidence.;. The. Detective protested that.

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4 Jan 2020 ... /pLASSIFIED Advertleements a>e »ppreelat«d. j by Newspaper ... C. QUIN.NLLL. MOI.C V.S, ing.,05 Mannersbt., W'gtoo. 'Phune ibU} ! VIAVI,. ~ t. VIAVI CO, Head ... 'lins,- fawri'istriped: lintoi,";and hat to nia'tch;. •□ '• . ;.;:Miss ...

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30 Jul 2019 ... io.Manures: everything for the .farm .and□garden.—O'Leary. Downs, Ltd., ( ... to Ruatltl from Wellington four weeks -i-o ... WORM IX TIAXOS.: .

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PRICES: 4/- and 2/6 (inclusive). Rugby ... We buy 1 all English and Continental Makes;- Good prices. 1 SPOT CASH. , ... »1 Also New HYPEROIL Perm for. DRV.

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-i;».*^.-- joh:-;[email protected]:$ '. " :Pespatch. ';; and at;Moderate-,;;ERiGESi;at.ther;|JoU JjQliyiQ.Q^ tiaementsofleadingbusinessmen. %0 J . » *"_***!#«□"«□"AIaI ..".

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reirived :insfruiifciPns iftonl!-Mr-.(Dr;. MeKon'zie,AoHßellliby Auotion-at tlfe;Rauka*J. [iiikft SaNf'1Miltß/'.'iVeai'iiGeralfline,' :on' abbvn,'. daWj-Bfc ISo'clooksharp,.

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X Houses, Baches, also First-class Business at Paekakariki. ... Goldsbrough, Mort .i. Dalgety. P. and 0., def. N.Z. Loan and Merc. 4 p.c. deb. .. N.Z. Loan and ... President Roosevelt said thai the message he ... Stream, Lotto, Autolite. CHAMPION ...

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Ladies', and. Children's Superior Left-off. Clotting. Rngs, TraveUins Trunks, Boote ... confession' to youat the fir&t favourable ... <praMiniPi] fhm not oni,-.

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May;Timothy's Quest, by Wiggin,4. Helen's Ordeal, by Mrs Russell j. Three Recruits, by Hatton; Six. Thousand Tons of Gold;TenYears .Captivity in theMhadi's ...

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24 Jan 2020 ... aalniy is £100 per aimum, and fees for late hours. ... S! WANTED, a firat-chi-s Trouser Hand. Apply by letter, sharp, to G. H. ... andhis tho-tghls.

or boh. - Papers Past

Sir Lotto .. 10 10. Game .. 97. Ruffy .. 10 9. True Bine .. 9 ? Armagh .. 10 8. "Kaipetipeti .. 97 ... ererr additional six line, or fraction,. Js Gd. DOUBLE ... mixed secondary school thai! not bo Less t_s-n . ... ]*«_© a ivmnor 3 up _i_l 1 to play. Ja tba.

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lurtf. .nnions.-t ..Iher items,. Wasner'i ! □•lori-st. Murniurinsrt" from. -'Siesfried,,. ' j-Si liu-hcrf- ... I.Ic.:i.lnil to pay out nn Jr.ikman :ind Kerola. |Ir nppears that tlie ...

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GENERAL NOTICES-Six line. -Gd;; ... pay as well as anything thai, had como out of the mine. ... the Lottery river had not been closed, and forwarded copies of ...

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Hi= Honor said he noticed that the. Districv Judge had order<.ff the prisoner ... The Property will be Sold iv uae Lot. i. I TERMS OF PAYMENT: One-fourth Cash.

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ere ir.d-iisjed in j'.wiy -?:ork,. Msrtius. ... cently sent out a circular letter under date July 31st, to their ... a circular from the Canal League, the candidate said he ...

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ss. in tho £1 discount off all our Furs,. Costumes, and Jackets ... free to users. Ask for Coupon' Starter. i ..□'.„. ... «uf-c L:es,' W-ot M'Kie, Kibson,. Flyim,. M..-ijnic-> ...

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OF APK>IHTiaonB. W- SEY, ... strike. On the other hand, consider- able disappointment is expressed at the estimated crop ... football. It chanced that the scrum- half or the centre-forward or somo ... made hacks of those opposed <to him, and.

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26* 'lOd; Awap.uni Estate'; (Waikari),. 65 at. 24s 6d to 26s 6d; Armstrong Bros. (Akaroa),. 16 M 265. 4d; ..F, Hi Smith.,(Qheviot), 10: at • 265. 4d; J. W. Fxttser.

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>oiueone who would frivv no name wiehel lo sneak immediately with. Mrs Ueynnidv It an<l no .-.niM !n- left. When inf./rmed that Mrs. llrvnolds wn« ...

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karangah'apk road, kkwton. ... f/IOR SALE, a Riding Hack, suitable. «.' for Lafiy or Gentleman ... Kicking the Football. ... if I don't get a job or strike something soon ...

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looked far away out of the dingy win- dow, beyond the street, ... and her eyes were cast down on her plate. "You know I did! ... akoaM ba fMwl It. m. Uka« at tka ...

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PiATRONS of the Sport Procure a Ground. Member's ... representing the latest demands of Fashion, now B S. I showing in the ... and A. S. Biss left for Wellington by J ... t,»t Tsmanv wo>T(Ta4n-PTv:T TN. ,„,„ Aty, . ... Call for particulars, and key.

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Mercury, in which the writer affirms that 10 yearsago there ... MrJ S.Rutherford wrotereturninga cheque for £4- 1-3 ... they need. A perfect chrysanth»mum pUnt is.

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winning with racket aha! ball, not by points of law. There was much good play. ... by Proxies at the above Meetings,. Further information may be obtained from.

Past papers - MIH UNLIMITED

This exam preparation workbook is written for teachers and students of the IB DP Mandarin. Ab Initio course and is suitable for all beginning learners of Mandarin.

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to 6 pirn.; week-ends nee. Apply morning or evening. Address “Standard. WANTED, junior girls ... April 24. 1941, for the under-mentioned positions : 1. —Assistant (Male ... Sodium,. Phosphates,. Potassium,. Glycerophosphates and Sucrose are ... in lOastern .Macedonia. At dawn on. April y German forces entered Salon- ika.

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Pespatch visits Ellerslie course oc- casionallly from Onehunga. The big dividend payer is doing nicely. Advance is now quoted at five to one for the New Zealand ...

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At the Kate or heaven, we'll meet Mini. Inserted ... S TAn 'APK—Mrt here: vfry sorry to ... Dental nml Mod Icu 1 . — .. 120 ... new militia reservists and Territorials.

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are prepared m fit TEETH WI'IHOUT PLATES (American System). Our guarantee means that we willmake acase to your satisfaction, anakeep it in repairlor 10.