The Lost Garden of al-Andalus: Islamic Spain and the Poetic ... - jstor

vived the symphony and song of al-Andalus within himself by dreaming of its past ... lyric by the Spanish Vizier Lisan al-Din ibn al-Khatib (d. ... 3ab-i rawan-i kabir tere kinare kol / dekh raha hai kisi aur zamane ka khwab / 'alam-i naw hai abhi ... 45ter! faza dil-firoz meri nawa sinah-soz I tujh-se dilon ka huziir mujh-se dilon ka ...

The Lost Garden of al-Andalus: Islamic Spain and the Poetic ... - jstor - الوثائق ذات الصلة

The Lost Garden of al-Andalus: Islamic Spain and the Poetic ... - jstor

vived the symphony and song of al-Andalus within himself by dreaming of its past ... lyric by the Spanish Vizier Lisan al-Din ibn al-Khatib (d. ... 3ab-i rawan-i kabir tere kinare kol / dekh raha hai kisi aur zamane ka khwab / 'alam-i naw hai abhi ... 45ter! faza dil-firoz meri nawa sinah-soz I tujh-se dilon ka huziir mujh-se dilon ka ...

Performing al-Andalus, Remembering al-Andalus - jstor

This article examines how the concepts of "al-Andalus" and "Andalusian music" ... force": a fitting response, I thought, to the notion of the Christian reconquest (recon ... among other things he is thought to have founded the first school of music, ...

Dental Practice in Al-Andalus (Spain) in the 10th ... - ARC Journals

Associate Professor, School of Dentistry, Alfonso X “El Sabio” University, ... personal physician to Almansor (a Commander of the Caliphate of Córdoba) and to ...

Identity and Differentiation in Ninth-Century al-Andalus - jstor

dalusi Christian community about Christian identity in the Muslim polity and ... the Maliki madhhab, or "school" of law, in al-Andalus.15 Ibn Waddah made his.

The Islamic Garden - Med-O-Med

Figure 55, the Partal Garden through the Alhambra entrance Palacio. ... with thatched roof on palm trunks along the southern wall, which ... copist in 930, a date at which the translator was dead ; the copist finished his work on the basis of the.

Lost Islamic History: Reclaiming Muslim ... -

Despite being an advanced literary society, writing was rare in the Arabian Peninsula. While a written form of the language did exist by the 500s, it was rarely ...

On the Structure and Understanding of Poetic Oxymoron - jstor

This corpus consists of examples from Hebrew poetry as well as of several ... it may be characterized as the "poetic" oxymoron's structure, whereas the "direct" ...

The Egoism of Authorship: Wordsworth's Poetic Career - jstor

Of the Romantic poets, William Wordsworth was the most concerned about his poetry ... the Romantic poets, most of his contemporaries would not have agreed.

The Lucy Poems: Wordsworth's Quest for a Poetic Object - jstor

poems,2 the Lucy poems figure in little a variety of problems about. 'William ... Passion have I known," " She dwelt among the untrodden ways," " I travelled among. 532. The Lucy. Poems ... nal the poet's displacement from the center of speech.

Allegorical Gardens in the Persian Poetic Tradition: Nezami ... - jstor

TRADITION: NEZAMI, RUMI, HAFEZ. A striking feature of medieval Persian poetry is the abundance of nature imagery that permeates every poetic genre, and ...

Tourism-Spain's Most Important Industry - jstor

prevented the country from parti. Revolution, are now the attractio finance new development. The growth of tourism in Spain. Reference to Fig. 1 will show tourists ...

Paradise Lost - jstor

the sun to symbolize interchangeably God the Father or the Trinity and the Son. The germinal text for the latter is Mal. 4:2, "the Sun of righteousness," an.

The Status of Allies in Pre-Islamic and Early Islamic Arabian ... - jstor

141-4. © Koninklijke Brill NY Leiden, 2006 Islamic Law and Society 13, 1. Also available online - www.brill.

arches in the architecture of muslim spain: typology and ... - jstor

important to try to understand more about the arches used by Andalusian architects. Unfortunately, the study of arcuated forms in Muslim Spain has not enjoyed ...

Lost City Life - jstor

10. I thank T. G. H. Diekwisch for supplying the electron micrograph shown in the left panel of the figure. 10.1 126/science. 1109440. Lost City Life. Antje Boetius.

Barrel Roll and the Lost War - jstor

24 Aug 2015 ... War Comes to the Land of a Thousand Elephants. During the U.S. presence in ... In looking back, most Westerners at the time knew little of the Laotian conflict. That was the way U.S. ... Cricket West, or Fringe, near the Nape Pass which the ... All the air operations in Laos, such as Barrel Roll and. Steel Tiger ...

Lost Property Fairy Tales - jstor

Hans Christian Andersen's 1837 fairy tale “Den lille havfrue” (The Little. Mermaid), combined ... rious “Feejee mermaid” (Markus 528). From the 1840s onward it ...

Getting a Head in the Renaissance: Mementos of Lost Love in ... - jstor

today — that the powerful passions associated with lost love and mourning without the ... devastating, she knows that this is not the time or the place for tears.

The Painter Who Lost His Hat: Artisans and Justice in Early ... - jstor

Carreras then grabbed him by "the collar of the tunic [sayo] and pushed ... Porter's story became popular because it struck a chord at a time when the ... 88Jer6nimo de Zeballos, Arte real para el buen govierno de los reyes, y pnrncipes, y de ...

Affirmation of the Lost Object: Peppermint Candy and the End ... - jstor

Lee Chang-dong's Peppermint Candy (2000) follows the structure of films such as these four insofar as it tells the story of South Korea's recent development from ...

An Enclosure in the Garden of Love - jstor

daripada afdah perbuatan Andalus.... Maka adalah kemunchak Raja Kandang itu daripada perak, dan sa-genap penju(ru)-nya di-bubohnya buah berembang. ".

Spenser's Garden of Adonis - jstor

sage on the garden of Adonis, and that the well-known eclecti. Renaissance accounts for ... causa est ut luceat: et non. Materia: a forma vis et decor effluit omnis.

Lost in Liminal Space: Amnesiac and Incognizant Ghosts in ... - jstor

developed in the Whispering Corridors ( Yeogo goedam) film series (1998-2009), whereby the abjected condition of ghosts is analogous to the position young ...

Khave and Her Sisters: Sholem-aleichem and the Lost Girls of ... - jstor

Khave and Tamara, his “lost girls of the revolution,” rebellious heroines with non- ... gan and subjects her Jewish father's love to the most strenuous test yet.1 The ... homeless, living in hotels or furnished apartments, part of the year in.

the barcelona pavilion as landscape garden - jstor

German Pavilion for the 1929 Barcelona International. Exposition as a landscape may challenge conventional readings of his architecture, although these have ...

once upon a time in mexico: frida kahlo's garden at la casa ... - jstor

ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO: FRIDA KAHLO'S. GARDEN AT LA CASA AZUL, COYOACÁN. Throughout history the visual arts have impacted upon the ...

Spices Garden Broucher - Malabar Botanical Garden

Tamarind. Vanila. Ginger. Veluthulli. Chittaratha. Kaduku. Mulaku. Ramacham. Chinese Karuvapatta. Kaattuvayana. Vayana. Karuvapatta ila. Karuvapatta. Malli.

Caliban in Nottingham: DH Lawrence's "The Lost Girl" - jstor

friends, Lawrence seems at times excited about writing The Lost Girl, at times not. In general, he ... plan for a private hotel, a cinema — simi yields profit but ... 4See Harry T. Moore, The Priest of Love: A Life of D. H. Lawrence, Rev. ed. (New.

Maurolyco's "Lost" Essay on the New Star of 1572 - jstor

MAUROLYCO'S "LOST" ESSAY 323 of the star,' but, to date, diligent search has failed to uncover the source of. Clavius' account. In all probability, he saw a ...

The myth of the "lost city of the Arabian Sands" - jstor

that this is "the (city of) Iram with lofty pillars" whose destruction is mentioned in the Qui°an (89:6-8), and which belonged to the sinful people of cĂd. However,.

The Lost Space of Architecture in the Context of Urban Lost Space

Keywords: space, lost space, urban spaces, architecture and urbanism, modern ... walls as positive elements on plans, however, the white space between them ...


For much of its history, Al-Andalus existed in conflict with Christian kingdoms to ... Andalusian school's revolt against Ptolemaic astronomy, otherwise known as ...

Islamic Astronomy - jstor

Renaissance astronomers learned from the texts of Islamic scholars who had ... tronomy are conspicuous even today. ... 13th month kept calendar dates in step.

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The Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) was established in March 1975 and is considered the ... Instead of fixed interest rates, Islamic banks can grant short-term loans on.

Islamic Star Patterns - jstor

ISLAMIC STAR PATTERNS. The geometrical ornament of Islam has fascinated. Western observers for well over a century, and con- tinues to provide material for ...

The Dreams of Islamic State - jstor

... India, Abdul Naeem for Islamic. Book Service 2000); see (last accessed 24 July 2015). [20] Perspectives on Terrorism 9 no.