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MP3. Jonathan Sterne. THE MEANING OF A FORMAT. THE. ANING. OF A. RMAT. Sterne. DUKE. MP3 ... Dew provided a community for me in the History and Philosophy of Sci- ence Program/science and ... in one direction. With ever- growing ...

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Jonathan Sterne Sterne - Duke University Press

MP3. Jonathan Sterne. THE MEANING OF A FORMAT. THE. ANING. OF A. RMAT. Sterne. DUKE. MP3 ... Dew provided a community for me in the History and Philosophy of Sci- ence Program/science and ... in one direction. With ever- growing ...

The mp3 as cultural artifact - Jonathan Sterne

economics, one might reasonably assume that concerns about the mp3 'as technological ... neglected often in the history and philosophy of technology is that usually, ... the direction of sounds in the middle of the audible range when they are.

On Blackness and Being - Duke University Press

The section in “The Hold” on Dasani Coates and William appears in a different form in the essay. “Black Studies: In the Wake” in The Black Scholar 44, no. 2 (2014):.

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er, war, tech nol o gy, and strat egy con trib utes to and draws upon the ni hil is tic ap peal of accelerationism. That sup pos edly dar ing and dan ger ous re ...

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Çakırlar, the late Suzy Capo, Rohit Dasgupta, David Eng, Campbell X,. Gayatri Gopinath ... of Florida; Jon Binnie and Christian Klesse at the Queer Film Festivals as. Activism ... of how to read a film such as Milk and what a “gay” film might sig- ... Grillo, dirs., 2014) and Queer Artivism (Masa Zia Lenárdic and Anja Wutej,.

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Andrew Hoberek. T h e essays in this issue of Twentieth-Century Literature propose new ... post-postmodern literary form (“If I find”).9The graphic novel likewise.

Introduction: Beyond New Historicism? - Duke University Press

This special issue arose from questions of whether or not the New Historicist paradigm in early modern studies has been superseded by newer theoretical.

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Title: South of Pico : African American artists in Los Angeles in the 1960s and ... ence could easily translate into a career on the West Coast, when he arrived in ... part of the naacp legal team that, along with Thurgood Marshall, won the battle.

Bianca C. Williams - Duke University Press

Title: The pursuit of happiness : black women, diasporic dreams, and the politics ... Navigating (Virtual) Jamaica: Online Diasporic Contact Zones 163. Interlude ...

Contradictions of the Khilafat Movement - Duke University Press

the Khilafat Movement. Hamza Alavi. The “Khilafat” movement of 1919-1924 is probably quite unique inasmuch as it has been glorified with one voice by Islamic ...

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SEVEN TYPES OF AMBIGUITY. By JAMES JENSEN. The influence of William Empson's Seven Types of Ambiguity has been as enormous as it is incontestable.

The Difference Aesthetics Makes - Duke University Press

incommensurate to the epistemologies and common sense of liberal hu- ... mothers and daughters in Asian American cultural work are read as matters of culture.

Lucas de Lima from Pinto - Duke University Press

Lucas de Lima from Pinto (“Chick” and Slang for “Penis” in Portuguese) on the sewer lid my suddenly blonde illumined hole spreads winglike lubricated by ...

The Fiction of Marcel Proust's Autobiography - Duke University Press

It took Marcel Proust roughly fourteen years, from about 1908 (the year of the famous Carnet) to his death in 1922, to write In Search of Lost Time—not counting, ...

Reassurance in Jennifer Kent's The Babadook - Duke University Press

One night, Samuel finds a pop- up book titled Mister Babadook on his bookshelf, and Amelia, who is unaware of its plot, proceeds to read him the strange story of a ...

Nostalgia, Desire, Diaspora: South Asian ... - Duke University Press

In Funny Boy, Sri Lankan-Canadian writer Shyam Selvadurai's 1994 novel in six stories, the upper-middle-class Sri Lankan Tamil narrator traces a seven-year ...

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However, a more environmentally friendly option for peak shaving is a flywheel: a mechanical battery that stores kinetic energy that can be released as electricity.

Design Patterns - Duke Computer Science - Duke University

Duke University Computer Science : Patterns. 7. Pattern/Programming Interlude q Microsoft interview question (1998) q Dutch National Flag problem (1976).

The Principle of Virtual Work - Duke People - Duke University

A virtual displacement is any displacement consistent with the constraints of the structure, i.e., that satisfy the boundary conditions at the supports. A virtual force is ...

Bubble Sort - Duke Computer Science - Duke University

Text books, including books for general audiences, in- variably mention bubble sort in discussions of elemen- tary sorting algorithms. We trace the history of bub-.

Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan - [email protected] - Duke University

(2017). Indeed, the apparent surge of bride kidnapping in the Central Asian republic of Kyrgyzstan after the collapse of Soviet Union makes it a noteworthy case ...

Workshop Requests - Duke Center for Spirituality - Duke University

E-mail: [email protected] Zahra Haider Alshurafa. Zahra is a second-year medical student at Alfaisal University, Riyadh,. Saudi Arabia. She is interested in ...

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visit our online edition: The Social Life of Libraries. 2. Duke Summer Reading: 8. Mission Impossible? Building a Spenser Archive—. 14.

Duke University 2004-2005 - Duke Registrar

disability, sexual orientation or preference, gender, or age in the administration of ... Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences; Undergraduate ...

Digital Clock - Duke ECE - Duke University

3 Dec 2009 ... Figure 2-7 schematic of JK-flipflop with reset function . ... In this project, we have built a digital clock with 12 hour count time. The clock runs from.

I'M IN! - Duke Catholic Center - Duke University

He works part time for the Refectory Café, a popular brunch spot for students after Sunday ... Mr. and Mrs. Billy C. Anderson, Jr.* ... Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Kenny.

Or, Jonathan in England and Jonathan at Home - CORE

6 Dec 2005 ... famous delineators of Jonathan included: Charles Mathews, an Englishman, who incorporated the Yankee into his ... My 2001 essay, “The Yankee and The Veteran: Vehicles of. Nationalism ... There is no barber nearer than Paris” (Woodworth 161). ... Why neighbor Shuffle you don't stand at ease.—No I ...

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10 Feb 2013 ... Katharine and Edwin C. Bryson, Jr. Clotiel and ... Eleanor and James Gates Ferguson, Jr. Richard and ... Kim Duong. Jennifer Katherine Durst.

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EDUCATION: 1987 Master of Architecture, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 1985 Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies, University of Illinois at ...

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This report was prepared in accordance with the MBA Career Services and Employer Alliance (MBACSEA) Standards for Reporting MBA. Employment Statistics.

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semester series of courses teaching introductory physics at the college level, ... Oh, and not-so-subtly – give the instructor a PDF copy of this book (it's free for in-.

Introductory Physics 2 - Duke University∼rgb/Class/intro physics 2.php. It is also ... physics pause for a moment, visit this site, and either download the pdf or bookmark the site.

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enables users to easily analyze any Duke basketball game, as well as make ... Background: Player tracking technology is the basis of modern sports analytics, ...

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... from the Right Honourable John Darcy Knight, Lord Darcy of Astonne, to Sir. William Hewett, of Lambrell Close in the lordship of Wales, and lord Darcy's Bond.

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in Bay 4). Bay 1, Bay 3 and Bay 4 each had days where dolphins were acoustically but ... dolphins in the Red Sea, Egypt (Notarbartolo-di-Sciara et al. 2009).

Evaluation Report on Duke University's Coursera Specializations on ...

1 Coursera allows learners to apply for financial aid by answering a few questions. If approved, they receive a fee waiver for one course. This process is entirely ...