The emergence of MP3 technology - Emerald Insight

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to produce a critical history of MP3 ... By 1999, more than one million MP3 players had been sold, and MP3 had ... research that fed into the deliberately broad corporate direction set by AT&T managers.

The emergence of MP3 technology - Emerald Insight - الوثائق ذات الصلة

The emergence of MP3 technology - Emerald Insight

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to produce a critical history of MP3 ... By 1999, more than one million MP3 players had been sold, and MP3 had ... research that fed into the deliberately broad corporate direction set by AT&T managers.

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DOI 10.1108/BIJ-06-2016-0098. Received 28 June 2016. Revised 3 September 2016 ... award-winning organizations in the UAE and thus makes some theoretical ... service (currency exchange house) believes that highly engaged employees ...

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computer training (Wells and Rogers, 1999). According to Rani, Vani and Devi. (1996), accountants with no knowledge of computers are considered to be out of.

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their sustainability endeavors (Singh and Ahuja, 2017). International Journal ... These items were then put up with a red tag (disposal notice card on the format issued by steering committee) ... Material cost of sales in particular month. Inventory ...

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e-government development. An integrative case study of the number one eCity in the Arab world. Fang Zhao. American University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE.

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"Debranding": A Product Strategy With Profit Potential /. A. Parasuraman. The growing consumer demand for, and acceptance of, so-called no-name brands of a ...

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Within the EU, France has traditionally been the main trading partner of ... Hult, G.T.M., Ketchen, D.J., Griffith, D.A., Chabowski, B.R., Hamman, M.K., Dykes, B.J., ...

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Since there is a certain association with being called a taxi driver,. Careem ... the TransAD authority in Abu Dhabi, as each of the seven Emirates of the United.

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overall success of JYP Entertainment at detriment of band members (, 2014d). In 2010, three members of boyband TVXQ sued SM Entertainment for ...

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Country is the unit of analysis, and cluster analysis is used for each of the two waves of data to classify countries into relatively homogeneous groups/clusters.

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scant research specifically on women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Despite the ... Calvert and Al-Shetaiwi (2002) suggest that the main factors affecting women's employment ... productivity (Haley et al., 2005; Khan and Agha, 2013).

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Internal job postings. Advertise in newspapers. Advertise in specialized. Newspapers (e.g. Wazayef Masr). Advertise on Radio. (e.g. Negom FM). Word of mouth.

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changing patterns of human resource management[3], the review of manpower planning in the UK by Smith and. Bartholomew[4], the study of employment ...

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concept and the associated marketing mix inwards within an internal market, in which employees are treated as customers of the organization in order to.

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codes that capture the meaning within the data transcripts. In Study II ... omitted. Given Traüffer's (2008) conceptual working definition of discernment – the ability.

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Practical implications – Highlighted limitations in VRIO analysis could be alleviated by better specifying resource selection and by addressing the positive-only ...

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Sex stereotyping managerial positions. A cross-cultural comparison between. Egypt and the USA. Abdel Moneim Elsaid. Faculty of Commerce, Ain Shams ...

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Jihad in Monotheistic Religions: Implications for Business and ... diana, PA 15705 ... meaning and practice of Jihad in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The.

Etihad: contributing to the UAE vision through ... - Emerald Insight

tihad's close and unique bond with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) heritage and culture is reflected throughout its business, and the Emiratisation imperative ...

The Theory of Monopolistic Competition - Emerald Insight

Chamberlin published the Theory of Monopolistic Competition. (1962). The work, based upon a dissertation submitted for a PhD degree in Harvard. University in ...

How Zara fashions its supply chain - Emerald Insight

How Zara fashions its supply chain. Home is where the heart is. L ouis Grestner Junior once said that everything starts with the customer; and while few.

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That meant selling bus tickets to customers for which they had to design their website Phanindra wondered how the customers would book tickets ...

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principles apply. The remaining six principles of discipline, subordination of individual interests to the general interest, remuneration, centralization, order and ...

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job assignments which may differ from workers' educational background and job training ... Tanawa Al-Wazifa [Arab bureaucrats: Overstaffing and multiplicity of.

The Use of Biodata for Hotel Employee Selection - Emerald Insight

Biodata for. Hotel. Employee. Selection. Elizabeth M. Ineson and Simon H.P. Brown. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Vol. 4 No.

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Social Enterprises. Ahl Masr Foundation. Nahdet El Mahrousa. Masr Dot Bokra. Dooko. Unstructured. Interview. Louay El Shawarby. (Cofounder of Nahdet El.

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cuts on tax revenues in Norway. Schmitt-Grohe and Uribe (1999) also argued for a higher. IJIF ... Jeddah, 6 November. Jonsson, M. and Klein, P. (2003), “Tax ...

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reliable tracking of emotional and cognitive responses over time. Thirty Emirati ... As this plot shows, destination scores depend on the type of stimuli ... that Dubai and New York are the cities that generate the greatest number of associations.

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Telenor Pakistan had achieved an element of success in what was till that ... base, Telenor also made strong inroads as a mobile internet service provider by ... Amer Ishtiaq surmised that in the current price-driven mobile telephony market, the.

Tourism Policy in Spain: An Overview - Emerald Insight

weakness of Spain's current tourism policy, taking. Catalonia as an example. Key words: national tourism authority - role of the Spanish go- vernment - tourism ...

Al Ain Dairy: managing demand and supply - Emerald Insight

Al Ain Dairy, a 30 year old pioneer company in the cow and camel milk category is one of the industry leaders in United Arabs. Emirates (UAE). The company ...

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The strategy of developing market share for goods outside the usual supermarket arena led to Tesco surpassing its once-rival Sainsbury's to become the biggest ...

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names of sahaba or ummahat-ul-momineen because these entities are also person names and resemble ... If it is not a sahaba name, then the name of a person.

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slump of the Philippine economy. A total of 287 ... study are Toyota Motor Philippines, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corpo- ration ... Aggressive promotional campaigns and price discounts are ... Toyota Motor Philippines and Honda Cars Inc.

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Dubai through local licensee Sun & Sand Sports. ''As such, this city is highly innovative, featuring great projects and a constantly evolving retail environment.

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New business models for the new media world. Saul J. Berman, Steven Abraham, Bill Battino, Louisa Shipnuck and Andreas Neus. T he new media world has ...